Tou Cafe and Gallery

I realize that this blog has become light on the joys of living in Okinawa and heavy on boat stuff. Let’s remedy this.

Tou Cafe and Gallery is, as the name suggests a cafe and gallery. It is run by the daughters of one of Okinawa’s greatest potters, Yoneshi Matsuda.

It is such a great place.

It is impossible to find and I imagine that 50% of potential clientele just drive by. I do not think they care and ostentatious signage would be vulgar. Tou cafe is not vulgar. Friend Tomomi has been decorating the cafe with her amazing Ikebana.

Today, we eat and Tomomi renews the displays.

Water comes in an amazing ceramic teapot

Tandoori chicken Okinawan style. It is delicious.

The ladies who run the restaurant are so wonderful. They have no edge, they are not angry, they are committed to beauty, to quality and to fun. Happiness and Joy.

I buy a plate.

Wonderful teeth

Tomomi does Ikebana.

Live show

Tomomi san, Sanae san, Saki san, Moe san. Japan is so full of happiness and joy
The final two yet one pieces


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