The World Cup

I stayed up very late on Sunday. First dinner with Mary and Tim. Tim cooked Paella. He really is an excellent cook. I drove there intending to leave the car and walk home. You do not drink and drive in Japan. In the end, fellow guest Izumi sensei, a young Japanese professor who studies smell, suggested I share her cab. I was a little intimidated to do so as I smell of perspiration and old man. She was very polite.

I then stayed up to follow the final of the 50 overs world cup cricket. England beat New Zealand in an amazing match. I feel very sorry for the New Zealand team who seem good guys.

The weather has again been very non sailing – high winds. However Emily suggests an excursion on Monday. When I descend the stairs to the parking lot in front of the apartment building, I have moment of age. The car is not there. Of course not, I left it at Tim and Mary’s.

So I start walking. This is very wonderful as it is a beautiful day and the walk takes me along the coast. However I do not have a hat and I have not smeared on sun cream. It is noon, the height of sun intensity. I burn.


We try very hard but for the first day in weeks there is very little wind. Such that there is, changes direction making for poor sailing. After a period of flapping around, we motor out hoping to find more wind. No good and we give up.

My mooring is shared with a very friendly puffer fish.

He is my friend

Emily tries to film him.

Puffer fish
Nice sunset
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2 Responses to The World Cup

  1. calderi says:

    Paella often disappointing – too much rice, too few prawns. One day your wind will come. A draw wd have been fine.

  2. This one was excellent. There are prawn farms on Okinawa where you can choose your own prawns. Small typhoon passing by bringing more lashing rain and high wind.

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