One of the first things I bought when I came to Okinawa, getting on for 9 years ago, was a rice cooker. She has served me very well but has become very shabby. The top has rusted badly and she is generally grimy despite my best efforts to clean her up.

I go to Amazon, I buy a new one, which is delivered at 10:00 am on Sunday morning. I love Amazon.

As she was.
As she is now. Replacement is black and has more buttons

The real problem is learning how to use the new one. The manual explains everything but is in a language I cannot read. Too many options.

Google translate fails to deal with rice cooker language. I foresee an interesting lunch with Japanese friend, going through the manual.

It has of course been pouring with rain ever since I got back from Europe. Small Typhoons.

Pity the poor tourist

My home-made cockpit cover blew off again. I have been trying very hard to buy a proper cover but cover makers in England seem to be determined not to sell me one or send me dimensions so I can get one made over here. Brexit despair probably.

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