For the last few months I have noticed that the food I prepare has tasted strange.

This was particularly evident in a pig’s foot terrine that I cooked last weekend. Each time I tasted it during the very long simmering period, it needed more salt. So I added more salt from the plastic bag of salt that I use for cooking.. When it came to eating it, it tasted very odd and I had to sprinkle even more salt on it from a salt cellar.

This is a salt cellar

Yesterday, I spilled some salt from the bag and instinctively licked it off my hand. It was not salt. It was sugar.

This is a kilo bag of sugar which I have added to soups,stews, noodles,rice; have rubbed onto all kinds of meats and fish.

How many bags of sugar have I consumed, thinking it was salt?

Being illiterate does not help with weight loss.

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4 Responses to Illiteracy

  1. Rosemary Mulady says:

    Could have been Epson Salts!
    Doesn’t anyone make a translation app like they make plant identifying ones?

  2. Tim Hunt says:

    You are not alone! I’ve done that too. The steak tasted very peculiar. Won’t do it again, though.

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