This is a high speed scrapbook of stuff from my recent trip to Europe. It is really a personal archive so I don’t forget. The trip was dominated by my Mother’s cremation nevertheless I got in a lot of other stuff. Thank you so much to all of you who extended such wonderful hospitality.

Landed at Heathrow very early to be met by my ever charitable brother Alan who got up very early.

We went to see his daughter, my niece, Emma and her kids.

Pub lunch. Beautiful weather.
Bangers and mash. I love English food.

Back to Alan’s in Stony Stratford where I ate a lot of pies.

Pork pie and mustard. I love English food.

Then to Geneva. I stay the night with Jeremy and set off very early by train to Bellegarde, where I am picked up by bestest friend Zandra.

Words no good.

Two days with Zandra, her daughter Lauren, Lauren’s husband Andy and their twin daughters.

Beautiful twins with their Okinawan cups.


Sandy’s grave. Not so bliss.
The best chateau in the world.

Back to Geneva where I dine with Greta, one of the best ever communication fellows at OIST.

Yay Greta, spreading her conquests further to Geneva
Early breakfast outside Jeremy’s apartment

Fantastic day with Jeremy. We go to Evian for Filets de Perche beside the lake.

A classic. I love French food.

We go to Jeremy’s studio in Bernex, a small ski station above Evian. We take a telesiege up high and go for a walk. Too beautiful. Then we drive back to the lake for a swim.

A glorious day. Thank you Jeremy
Saucisson. I love French food.

Back to England for the cremation Very early flight but again I am picked up. This time by very charitable Barry. I stay with sister Rosie. Barry and Rosie have the most beautiful house in the world. We eat incredibly well.

Venison. I love English food.

Then to London to stay with Ian and Ann. They feed me so well and take me to a chandlery where I pick up lots of bits for the boat. They also have shorts that fit my very un-Japanese bottom.

Fabulous place in the middle of Covent Garden
Pigeon. I love English food.

Back to Okinawa. I get in very late after 20 hours of travel. The car would not start.

Not what you want at the end of a long trip.

During my absence I missed Arisa’s farewell party. Boo. She was a wonderful colleague who did so much to establish OIST’s reputation.

Bye bye Arisa, we will all miss you.

Europe is amazing. I must spend more time there. Thanks everybody.

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  1. Aaaw, how lovely! Come back and be my gardener. We miss you. (That’s the royal ‘we’.) xxxx

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