More bad weather coming in.

Nothing too bad but not happy cruising weather.

So, I rig my home-made tarpaulin cockpit cover which should keep out most of the rain. Apparently there will be gusts up to 80 knots and I dread the whole thing will tear off.

Flimsy, I have no confidence that it will resist the storm.

I have had great difficulty finding anyone who can make me a canvas made-to-measure cover. Having established that there is not a viable Okinawan option, I turned to England. I was passed like a parcel from place to place with no progress. I finally contacted a Norfolk Gypsy owner in Essex whom I had noticed has a very solid looking cover. He has been very helpful and has put me in touch with the person who made his cover. It looks like this person will be able to make the same for me. Fingers crossed.

Mine will have a closed stern. Maybe too high to resist a real typhoon.

You can always tell a storm is coming because flocks of Golden Plovers turn up on flatland close to the shore.

Here we go again
Great White Egret worrying about its neck during the upcoming storm

Anyway, change of subject; I have to get rid of my old rice cooker. I amble up to the village office where they give me a delightful sticker in exchange for 300¥. This I stick to the old cooker and leave it outside for the garbage men. So easy.

Classic Okinawan administration graphics. Pink,with happy Okinawan lady with added purple, yellow,white, black and grey.

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