Sneaky Typhoon

No one was very concerned with the storm; until it arrived that is. It had been sold as a bit of a gale but it suddenly morphed into a full blown, pun, typhoon.

Winds of 90 knots were recorded at the marina. On the day of the typhoon it was far too dangerous to drive down to check on the boat but today I got there bright and early.

The cover had been shredded all the eyelets that attached it to the hull were pulled out and it was hanging over the side. The cockpit, bilges and cabin were full of rain water and she was very low in the water. The Norfolk Gypsy is not a good boat for Okinawa unless it has an excellent cover. Fingers crossed that I will get a cover from England soon.

Not good

Due to the recurring flooding of the boat, I am now very well set up with pumps.

Watch the movie full screen and highest definition possible.

Very wet.
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4 Responses to Sneaky Typhoon

  1. calderi says:

    Golly, you are having a bad time. Things must improve soon. Dear me.

  2. Rachel Claus says:

    SHEESH!! You (and your boat) are amazing! What an ordeal. Good thing you’ve experienced the high seas surrounding Scotland. Looking forward to the update!

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