Lazy Monday Afternoon

Great plans for sailing overturned by the still very churned up sea post typhoon.

Not to worry as Okubo san comes for a very long lazy picnic on the boat. It is fun.

Serrano, camembert,olives, taco chips.
Ceviche – tuna,shrimp,octopus
Yachimun plates and cups.
Lamb chops and taro cooked on boat , we rip through 3 each.
A good life.

People drop by for a chat. The best is Kozzy san who turns out to make covers for boats! He says he can make a cover for mine. After all the hassle I have been through trying to get a cover, a guy just turns up by the boat. Perfect timing as Tomomi was there to translate! Life is good.

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1 Response to Lazy Monday Afternoon

  1. Rachel Claus says:

    A truly HAPPY ending (or beginning)…YAAYYY!

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