Urn Burial

Since my Mother died, my friend Kiyuna san has been asking for photos of her.

Sister Rosy recently sent me some good ones. JPGs you can upload to a web site, go to any Combini at any time of the day or night and print them on photographic paper. Amazing.

Anyway I give him the photos on Saturday and today he comes by as I am settling the boat in for the winter and presents me with a beautifully wrapped package.

He has made a shrine graphic in honor of my dear departed Mummy.

He is a good friend.

He believes fervently in reincarnation and tells me that I must not be sad as my mother has already been reborn and is starting on another remarkable life.

He explained all the significance of the imagery but I have forgotten most of what he said as I was tearful. The bluebird represents her soul flying towards a kanji that is very beautiful, according to Kiyuna san. He could not explain what it means. The bluebird’s wing touching Mother’s face also has meaning.

So, I leave Okinawa for several months on Wednesday morning. I put on all covers, sling fenders, check mooring lines and generally tidy up. She is in good shape and I have no worries about leaving her. Also Kiyuna san will keep his eyes on her. ” I have more eyes than teeth.” he asserts.

Snugged down for the winter. Sayonara boat. Thanks for all the fun.
Christmas has come to Ginowan.
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