Rainforest Connection

Topher White is an old friend, we worked together at Stanford, ITER and OIST. He is an amazingly smart and creative guy. He started up Rainforest Connection (RWC). Check the web site: https://rfcx.org Donate lots of money. I was lightly involved at the early stages.

Minutes after I landed in San Francisco, he calls me. Can I come and be interviewed for a Netflix documentary early tomorrow morning? I show up at his garage workshop. It is crammed with film crew folks.

Cram my garage

Topher talks and I nod my head.

I am sticking my stomach out on purpose for comic effect.

Topher then asks if I can come down to a studio in the Mission that evening to do an interview for Huawei, who are a big sponsor for RWC.

VP of Public Affairs from Huawei, tough job at the moment, tells Topher what to say.
For some reason, they put me up against a wall to shoot me.

Anyway, both crews, one from Boston, one from LA, were amazingly professional and I imagine, amazingly expensive. We had a lot of fun.

They are holding me up.

Back in the USA!

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