Coastal Forest

James and I head north to the forests on the Pacific coast. We plunge in just south of Point Reyes. There is no path but James is an inveterate forest man after decades of mushroom hunting. It is raining.


The forest is beautiful; dripping wet, with a vast variety of trees, sequoia, spruce, buckeye, holm oak, laurel and many others that I do not recognize but James does.

A tree that has blown over.
What kind of tree is that? Notice moss everywhere.

The forest is unmanaged and we clamber over dead growth and follow deer tracks.

It is fall, I mean autumn.

We follow a little stream deeper and deeper into the forest. So wonderful, absolutely no sign of humanity, complete wilderness so close to the city.

Very damp

The only noise comes from the stream backed up by the hammering and squawking of woodpeckers.

Mulchy decay with mushrooms
Californian Salamander
Fresh deer scat.

We march in a couple of miles and then we march out again, like the Duke of York.

Fabulous walk, more exercise than I have done in the last 4 months in Okinawa. It is too hot and humid over there.

We then go to Tony’s Seafood Restaurant on the shore of Tomales Bay. We have a memorable meal.

Eat here
Oysters straight from the bay, washed down with locally brewed beer.
Clam Linguine
Seafood stew

Full of fresh air and fresh seafood, we rumble the truck through the mist and rain back to San Francisco. Great day!

Big coyote loping over land devastated by the recent fires.

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