Jose Antonio

So as you know the principal goal of my trip to San Blas was to see lots of birds. I realize that to do so effectively I am going to need help. I go to the Tourist Office. Er, this sounds very chrome and glossy. Not so, it is a room with a delightful lady in it. I mime birdwatching guide. The smiling lady gets it and 10 minutes later a young man shows up. This is Jose Antonio. He explains  that he is busy for the next few days but, as of 20th, we can go birding.

I look at a clump of undergrowth and maybe see a warbler, which one I have no idea. Jose Antonio, before even looking at the clump of undergrowth,  knows what birds are there just through the songs. He then points out masses of birds, hardly any of which I would have seen alone, and of course he knows exactly which obscure warbler or humming bird is which. He is amazing.

Northern Potoo. Amazing photo seeing as what it was very dark. Click on all these photos
Boat Billed Heron
The very rare, except in San Blas, Common Black Hawk.
Great Blue Heron
Golden Cheeked Woodpeckers. Super rare
Wide winged Butterfly . Makes a change
Black necked Stilt, Blue winged Teal, Tri colored Heron

What is more, he is a really nice guy and speaks excellent English. We spend 3 days together and see a vast number of birds, the majority of which I have never seen before. 

Black bellied whistling ducks
Northern Jacana
Juvenile Northern Jacana

We cruise through swamps as the sun goes down. We are high in the mountains as the sun comes up. In between we are in fields, lakes, even Tepic city park.  So many birds! What joy!

The photos represent a small percentage of the species we saw. Importantly missing are all the Warblers, Humming Birds, Trogons, Flycatchers, Sparrows, which are very difficult to photograph.

Crocodile. Very easy to photograph. Apparently they can go for years without eating.
Wood Stork with Great White Egret
Roseate Spoonbill with White Ibis
For it is he.

So, this is his website: Forget your next vacation. Go to San Blas instead and hire Jose Antonio!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Absolutely FABULOUS!

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