A Feast in Time of Plague

As most of the rest of the world reels from the impact of Coronavirus, we on Okinawa remain untouched. The local government has not suggested any restrictions. Life goes on as normal. Schools reopen next week after the spring break. That said, the university, OIST https://www.oist.jp/ with many international visitors and employees has taken the situation very seriously and has, in my opinion, introduced very sensible changes.

I hope all of you and all of yours are well.

Well, I hope this post does not annoy. It is a beautiful day. We go sailing.

Arisa san and Kaori san set the tone.

It is Sunday morning when Arisa san, Kaori san, Simon san and I foregather to take the boat out for a sail. A glorious day, bright sun and about 25 degrees. The dark side is 15- 20 knots of wind.

Captain Arisa takes us out.

So, none of my companions have any sailing experience and I, as you know, am incompetent. We get out from the harbor to meet seriously disturbed sea. The wind is manageable but the sea is intimidating.

Do we care? No, just take more selfies.

I am amazed by the lack of dread demonstrated by the crew. We are plunging around in broken seas with only the jib up but they are unconcerned, indeed invigorated!

Simon is excellent crew cos he looks like a pirate.

The idea of raising the mainsail with inexperienced crew and having to put in probably 2 reefs as we crash around, seems unwise. This manouevre is complex and trying to do it with people who don’t know the names of the ropes, as we hammer against big swells is foolhardy. I order a turnaround. I am the Captain. The crew is disappointed. I thought they would be terrified. and so overjoyed to get back to land. Ignorance is bliss and that sort of thing.

We go out about a mile just on the jib and then turn around. We come back in very nicely on jib alone. So much fresh air! I am only wearing a T shirt, well, I mean I also have my trousers on.

Once safely moored, we have a delicious picnic prepared by Kaori san and Arisa san. Such fun in a time of plague. Here is a video:

Life goes on

Again sincere best wishes to all of you who are going through difficult times. I hope this post makes you happy.

Another video from Arisa san, who also tells me that the schools will remain closed for 2 weeks. Thanks Arisa.

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4 Responses to A Feast in Time of Plague

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Your crew’s “lack of dread” is no doubt attributable to blissful ignorance and (misplaced) trust in you. Still, you did the right thing in the end. Discretion, valour etc.
    Regards from a surprisingly sunny Waterloo, Belgium (no rain for three weeks !) in glorious isolation, social distancing, confinement in which my dear wife insists on beating me at table tennis every day. I have improved greatly over the last two weeks. Unfortunately, so has she.

  2. Rachel Claus says:

    Thanks for provoking a huge grin here (meaning on my face) – what fun to see those laughing joyful people! Here it is softly raining, somehow making bright the poppies, daffodils, irises and abundantly greening trees that line the streets and lanes of Stanford West. Lovely to sit here alternately reading and looking out the window. And fabulous to sit here and go boating with you and your crew!

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