Silk Mask

Mary makes very superior masks. I understand them to be made from layers of silk and cotton. She takes it seriously. The masks are tested at OIST.

These masks are tested as P36, excluding 36% of 300nM particles. Combini, local shops, masks are p20, Izumi Fukunaga has attained P40.

Tim and I model said masks.
I am honored to have one, actually two, of these handmade masks. Thanks Mary!

Prime Minister Abe has declared a State of Emergency in some Prefectures, not Okinawa. My generous Japanese friends say that little has changed for Okinawa. Well I have Kiyuna san’s magic sucking stone and Mary’s mask, so I feel wonderfully protected.

Life is wonderful! Exotic flowers bloom wild by the road.

Lilies by trash cans
Amaryllis sway as trucks go roaring by.
Waste ground is full of Cosmos and Sunflowers.
I eat liver
Blue Rock Thrush, these are everywhere but still amazing birds.

I go sailing. At first the wind is gentle and we flap around without much purpose. It then rises and the Norfolk Gypsy shudders, trembles and then sets off at a gallop.

Only the beginning

The wind gets stronger and we thunder back to land. She is such a good boat. She loves the rough stuff. I take great delight in sailing straight into the Marina, only using the engine for final mooring manoeuvres. So much sun, so much fresh air.

The first bouy approaching Ginowan. I have to use a very high shutter speed cos we are going so fast.

Stay safe.

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2 Responses to Silk Mask

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Do these superior masks come fur-lined as an option ?

  2. Hi Mike, Hope you and yours are all well!

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