Pump Frenzy

I give esoteric names to my posts, which is stupid, as it is very difficult to find former posts. I am sure that I wrote about water gathering under the cabin floor and a nifty scheme to pump it out but I can not find it.

Mysteriously, water gets into the bilge under the cabin. I do not know how. It is not a leak because when the beautiful cover is on this does not occur. Nonetheless I have be unable to track down how the water gets in there. The problem is that the water eventually overflows into the cabin. This detracts from the luxury yacht feel.

It is very difficult to get this water out as, the only access to the bilge is very small and awkwardly placed. I set up, last year, a nifty system with an electric bilge pump that I can drop into the bilge.

After recent rain, the cabin bilge is overflowing, the cabin sloshes.. The wonderful system I had devised does not work. The pump seems dead.

Are you still with me?

Amazon is amazing! I buy a manual and an electric pump to drain my cabin bilge.

Mega pump

The pumps arrive yesterday. I am very excited.

We are allowed to go shopping and I decide that the supermarket next to the marina would be best. I take the opportunity to test my pumps and great joy, they both work very well and the boat is dry again.

Manual backup.

The marina folks say that there is no restriction on sailing but crew should stay 2 meters apart. Hooray, but unfortunately miserable weather is coming in and I think I will have to to cover her up and wait. This week is Golden Week in Japan, a string of public holidays that effectively gives everyone a week off. Not so Golden this year with lockdown and dreadful weather forecast.

I like this new toy
The Japanese are so good at naming things! This is washing-up liquid.

Stay well everyone.

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4 Responses to Pump Frenzy

  1. Rachel Claus says:

    methinks MUSCAT FIZZ would be an excellent name for an adult beverage.

  2. calderi says:

    If no water accumulates when the cover is on, it must be getting in somewhere in the covered area I guess. A cockpit locker seat? Is there an owners club? It’s the kind of problem someone will recognise –

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