The Inner Introvert

So, about 2 weeks of, sort of, lock down. I find I quite like it. It is the best excuse to do nothing at all without guilt. The Onna Village Office send me a package containing masks and cute separation guidelines.


I find that a 700 Mbs internet connection allows you to watch every rugby match, cowboy movie, sailing video, concert, etc immediately. I have not suffered, as we can go to buy amazing food and drink. There is no shortage of anything.

Suddenly, it rains like crazy. Showers were predicted and I had not covered the boat but not so, it was full hose drenching. I rush down to the Marina. The boat is already pretty full of water but it is raining so hard that I, not having waterproofs, shelter in the cabin hoping that the rain will cool it,

I fall asleep, it is so cosy ,but am awoken by Kiyuna san, who has come down to see if the boat is OK. He is a good friend.

I am shamed into action and bail, pump out the boat and rig the cover in sensational rain. I am so soaked.

I take out the phone to take some pictures but the screen is psychedelic. I sense that something is wrong! The phone then heats up such that it is almost impossible to hold. It utters a moan and passes away.

This is just to break up up the narrative.

A Japanese friend comes to my rescue and we go to a second hand electronics shop. She is the best shopper, comparing all phones and prices, whereas I would have bought the first one. We get an I Phone 7 for 29,000 yen. She switches out the sim card and sets up the phone. I am in awe and also back in business. Aregato.

Everywhere there is Getto
Wonderful time of year.

Anyway a lot of rain is predicted so I re-rig the cover. She is very snug.

Notice the color of the water in the marina.
I love my cover
Rear view

Stay well everyone. Okinawa has had no cases for 10 days. Fingers crossed.

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