I Repair the Table

As you can see from the great excitement generated by the title, I have not been doing much. This I have been enjoying as I find I am naturally lazy and very good at amusing myself.

However the state of emergency has been called off in Okinawa, one case in 20 days I think, and I shake off dull sloth a bit. Readers will remember the many wonderful picnics that have been had on the boat. Future picnics were endangered as the table became unstable and dipped alarmingly.

Sleeve play

The problem was a sleeve in the supporting arm had worn out allowing considerable play resulting in the end of the table moving up and down by 20 cms or so. As the Chinese proverb says, “You can’t eat off a moving table.” I am very pleased with myself because I was able to track down the Swedish company that made the table and found replacement sleeves on their website. I order 4. They cost 12 euros. Shipping is 50 euros! I have no choice, I must picnic.

All the way from Sweden!

The new sleeve does not fit! I sand and grease. Finally the sleeve slides in, er with the help of a hammer.

Solid as a rock.

I am so pleased that my table is stable again!

I had a colonoscopy at Chubu Hospital. This is always fun and I appear to be cancer free. Hooray!

No state of emergency, we have a dinner celebration, suitably distanced, for two birthdays and the opening of a new pottery studio. A wonderful evening with 5 star food.

We eat a fish and drink champagne.
Beetroot salad
Clam pasta

My friends tell me this is the high season for Bonito, Katsuo in Japanese. The next day I rush down to Toya fish market, which has re-opened and buy a beauty. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2013/04/26/food/katsuo-japans-ubiquitous-tuna/#.XsZAhhMzYUE

Super fresh Bonito.
Flying fish

Not sure how i will cook mine yet.

We are now in the rainy season so probably little boating, but I worry not as the boat is safely covered and I have got used to doing nothing at all.

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1 Response to I Repair the Table

  1. Rachel Claus says:

    YAY on your ability to do repairs as well as your ability to do nothing. I am envious.

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