Bouge De La

I move from Onna son to Ginowan shi. I am too old and fat to do the move myself so hire a Japanese moving company. These young men are dynamite. Shimabukuro san and Machida san are full of enthusiasm and smiles. They wrap every cup every plate, knife, fork, ornament, taking exquisite care.

It’s a wrap!

When everything is packed another young man shows up and the three of them sprint up and down the stairs to to my 3rd floor flat in 32 degree heat and 80% humidity.

Once loaded, we head down to Ginowan and play the film backwards as all my stuff shoots out of the truck and into the new place. Everything is done about 8:30.

I cannot speak highly enough of these young men; courteous, smiling, super efficient. If you are ever feeling down, just hire a Japanese moving company, you will soon feel so much better.

So good
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