Fiddling While Rome Burns

Serious typhoon coming over the island tomorrow and Tuesday.

What better time to have fun.

This might calm us down a bit.

Kikuta san has added new pieces to his exhibition. Off we go to examine.

I was terrfied of eels when I was a young boy.

I am very tempted to buy this. When young in Scotland we fished for eels and my elder brothers would tell me ghastly tales of eels never letting go once they had bitten you. Certainly once caught, they refused to die and decapitated heads would still try to bite you. Double click on the photo and you will see that these eels have a truly malicious view on life. The eels he used to paint the piece were 2.5 meters long!

We then all go back to the boat for a fun lunch. Dockyard friends join us and we have a wonderful time.

Poached Salmon on Raita.
Add a salade lyonnaise.

At times there are 6 of us and a dog. I am the only non Japanese. This does not matter, I understand little but bathe in companionship. In fact I love it. I had always felt an obligation to contribute, to promote, to catalyse conversation. Now, I can sit quietly and grin. So relaxing.

Kiyuna san was at his best.
Kano san, the best of men.

The marina is buzzing with people putting on extra mooring lines, taking down sails. and generally lashing down anything that can move.

We eat and converse.

Hoppepan buns and grapes known in Japan as Shine Mascat. They are very prized, as much for their beauty as for their flavor.
Latte san, Kano san’s dog. Great company.

A wonderful afternoon but around 3:00, the heat finally wears us down. We go our separate ways. Such enjoyment with no alcohol. Strange.

I lie down until 6:00 and then return to rig the cover in preparation for the typhoon.

Before getting to the cover, I double all the mooring lines.

This is going to be the real test. Will the cover be able to withstand the rigors or will she buckle and fill with water? I spend a lot of time making the cover as taught as possible and install the camera tripod as a boom crutch.

Super tight.
Waiting is the worst

So, this is the great reckoning for my cover. Can she withstand the evil typhoon? Do not miss the next thrilling episode.

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4 Responses to Fiddling While Rome Burns

  1. Alan says:

    Ah, yes – fishing for eels in the burn behind Clachan Post Office! Those were the days! I’m told that they’re a rare sight these days, probably because they’ve installed a proper sewage system and people put kitchen waste into bins these days.
    Good luck with the cover. Looks like lots of rain heading your way although the forecast winds don’t look so bad with maxima of some 60mph. We’re a bit blase about that these days having just had some of those but maybe the forecast is over hopeful.
    Is that raita the Indian style one – yoghurt with some addition of cumin/spices plus fresh mint/coriander/spring onions as chosen? Is it common in Okinawa or are you expanding the range of foodstuffs for them?

    • Do you remember the eel pond below Corran Cottage? Not sure that I ever saw any eels there. Raita just cucumber , onion and yoghourt. Nice and cool . Typhoon prediction is a tricky business. Sometimes super typhoons just fizzle out and then moderate storms turn into horrendous affairs. We can only wait and see. Will know in a couple of hours. Stay well.

  2. Alan says:

    Ah, the pond behind Corran Cottage. I think that we used to call that the Oyster Pond. Never saw an oyster there nor an eel either. I think eels tend to live in running water so maybe that explains it. Neil Duncan (remember him?) had an oyster farm just off-shore in the bay there in later years which was quite succesful for some years but it’s gone now.
    Had a look on Google at the latest Naha weather and there’s a Typhoon Alert in red there. Unfortunately it’s all in Japanese but the BBC weather forecast has winds of 62 mph tonight and massive rain tonight and tomorrow. Hope all goes well with the tripod!

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