Oh Dear

Typhoon Maysak was pretty bad, well actually is pretty bad, as she is still blowing away as I write. However the worst is over.

The storm started with a lot of rain on Monday afternoon but the real ferocity came during the night. I was asleep.

I get down to the marina at about 07:00. What has happened to the boat? Watch the movie.

Could have been worse.

Everything is closed except for the praiseworthy Lawsons, which is right in front of my apartment. Lawsons is a chain of 24 hour got everything you need shops so typical of Japan. They are usually known as Konbini. Nice to know I can stock up on stuff if I run out. Like beer.

Situation as I write.

Some background information.


Here is an update on the state of the boat at 4:30.

I am surprised to see the cover is still on and not even full of water, even though it was hastily and loosely attached this morning. It has been blowing hard all day and non stop rain.

There is a guest appearance from Pat at the end of the first video. He is a Swiss professional sailor who lives on his boat in the marina. He makes his living by delivering yachts from Japan to USA single handed! He is usually pretty blasé about tough weather. Even he admitted that there had been some really bad gusts last night. This makes me feel better for my poor cover. She clearly struggled against terrible odds before finally giving way.

What fun!

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3 Responses to Oh Dear

  1. calderi says:

    Hard cheese – what a shame. How wonderful that the hatch is still there. KBO I suppose. We are near Oban, much rain forecast, but no typhoon.

    • Yes KBO. I am trying to work out how the wind got under the cover. Once in, wind of that strength will blow off the cover very quickly. I think it might it might have been a bad knot on one of the lines that hold the front of the cover flush with cabin roof. I noticed one line was detached. I am still reasonably confident that I can set up the cover optimally to resist very high winds. Mind you these typhoons are redoubtable adversaries. At least the mooring lines held. Some boats were badly damaged by crashing against the pontoons.
      Enjoy the rain.

  2. Rachel Claus says:

    You never cease to amaze.

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