It Is What It Is

I have noticed the title expression cropping up frequently lately. I wonder where it came from.

Still licking our wounds post Typhoon Maysak, Typhoon Haishen is on its way to further test our resolve.

I rig the cover differently. First I put a line around the mast to the end of the boom such that the boom cannot droop. Same thing as a boom crutch really but I hope more resilient.

This is fun.

To stop the boom moving from side to side and putting strain on the system, I put a line around the boom to the aft cleats.

I tighten it later.

The wind will be coming from the Northwest, that is to say directly over the bows. I dread it will creep under the space between the cover and the cabin roof, blowing off the whole caboodle.

Maybe I should tape that edge down. Worth a try.

I am convinced that there is a set up that will permit the cover to resist the worst. It may take some time to find it.

The adversary

Wonderful full moon.

Hand held at 6:00 this morning. Calm before the storm etc.
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