Tempura Fugerunt

On the way to the dentist’s surgery and indeed on the way back too, there is a place that sells the best fast food in the world. Okinawan Tempura!

Japanese tempura is a little effete, the batter is light and fluffy. Okinawan tempura is more like English Fish and Chips. The batter is thick, meaty and crisp.

Catch me if you can

Inside the door, there is a tiny room with a hatchway. There is a chart that displays the richness of tempura available.

This only one third of the display.

Essentially, you can get tempura anything. If you brought in nail clippings or courgette flowers, they would tempura them for you.

You fill in a form detailing your desire. Today I get 2 fish and 2 squid. Next ring the bell and a lady’s head sort of appears behind much Covid screening. You pay. It costs 280 yen. This is nothing.

I hang around outside in the shade while my tempura is cooked. It is the end of October but still 29 degrees. The smiling lady brings me my food.

Piping hot chunk of battered fresh fish.

The food is served in brown paper bags.


It is so delicious!

Just for the record, I finally get around to installing anti chafe tubing on my bow mooring lines.

Anti rubbing rubber
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