Just across the Road

I think I have already mentioned that a new fish restaurant has opened just across the road from my apartment building. I finally get to eat there. I dislike eating in restaurants alone and I trap a companion into joining me.

It was a very enjoyable lunch.

Wonderful selection of sashimi on rice, egg creme with mushrooms, mozuku, pickled daikon and miso soup.
Butter fried fish, sashimi, egg creme with mushrooms, mozuku, pickled daikon, taro, pork belly, chili, carrot, lotus root, rice, miso soup.

Very Okinawan ambience with sanjin background music. Each meal was 1,180 yen.

So stabilizing to have an excellent fish restaurant just across the road!

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2 Responses to Just across the Road

  1. calderi says:

    Looks lovely, a great asset – but can one order chips with one’s fish?

  2. Yes! They serve them as a side dish. Squid soup and chips is a big seller.

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