Unannounced and unexpected, it rains very, very hard. The various weather apps I use predicted showers.

Mad rain!

The boat is uncovered. By the time I get down there, the cockpit is full of water that is overflowing into the engine compartment and from there into the bilges and so into the cabin.

Another couple of hours of this rain intensity could sink the boat.

Where you see the cover with the vertical battens is where the engine compartment is. You will notice that the water level is right there and rainwater is now pouring into the engine space.

It is very, very wet but I bail out the cockpit with a bucket and unleash the fury of the Gulper on the bilge. https://thequietripple.com/2019/06/10/so-much-rain/

I also pump out the cabin.

Rigging the cover is ferocious because the rain is so hard. I succeed but it is strong stuff. Good for a fat old man.

Thursday afternoon.

The few photos I took with my beloved Canon G10 exposed her to the elements such that I think she has died.

Buried in cous cous in the hope that the semoule will absorb moisture from the camera

I think she is dead. This is the third G10 I have killed by wetness.


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