Nothing Endures but Change

One of the great joys of living where I do is the proximity of a Farmer’s Market.,127.7478941,15.93z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xcfef77afb6b0f6ad!8m2!3d26.2854119!4d127.74382

In Okinawa the availability of fruit and vegetables is seasonable. You eat what is coming out of the ground or off the bushes and trees, right now.

Added to this is a strong ‘eat local’ theme. The Farmer’s Markets sell local produce. Each bag has a label that details where the vegetable was grown and when it was harvested.

My market

I love it and get most of my food here. This is what is on offer in October.

Do you know what these are? I don’t.
Lots of spinach stuff
More obscure spinach stuff
Lots of courges
Tons of okra
Goya of course. Sorry bad photos.

It also stocks local meat and fantastic fresh fish. It is right beside the harbor.

Mainly the lower part of pigs’ legs
Fresh fish and spinach stuff that I will eat as soon as I have finished writing this.

It is a wonderful place. I am so happy.

Arisa tells me that the market will close at the end of October. How can this be? Apparently there are fewer and fewer vegetable growers in Ginowan -urbanization- and the cost, in Covid times, of bringing in stuff from elsewhere is prohibitive.

So sad.

On the happy side, I have to go to the bank to register my change of address. I have already done this but apparently they screwed up. The staff are very apologetic and, having filled in the necessary forms, with lots of help, they formally present me with a Mickey Mouse pen.

So Japan. I am touched

More happiness! Overnight a fish restaurant opens up across the road.

From my balcony. I think the sign says “Fish and Chips”
A fresh octopus. Always a good note to finish on.

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