A Puffer Fish Nibbled My Toes.

I go to the dentist to have my stitches taken out.

The weather is perfect. My engine does not work. I can not go sailing. Boo.

I can, nevertheless, sit on the side of the pontoon with my feet dangling in the water and apply more teak oil to all the wooden trim. My, it is thirsty wood! It soaks up coat after coat. As I sit there, lots of fish amble by. The water is clear like gin or maybe vodka or more locally, awamori.

A puffer fish comes by several times and swims around my feet. It is fascinated.

Notice sunburnt knee.

I take off my shirt and soak up the Sun’s healing rays. Now I have sunburn. It is early March.

I pay the annual bill for my berth at the marina. They send you a bill that you take to the bank. There you take 250,000 yen cash from the ATM. This you give to one of the bank tellers who does something and gives you a receipt. This you give to the folks at the marina.

248,829 yen for a year. About $2,300.

I think this is a great deal. The marina is the best place! It has mechanics, paint specialists, rigging specialists, lots of nice people, hoists to lift your boat out to enable bottom cleaning, and is very sheltered in stormy, er, typhoon, weather. Lots of exotic fish.

My part of the marina this morning. Glorious.

On a different tack, you will remember me mentioning a Farmer’s Market near my place that regrettably closed. https://thequietripple.com/2020/10/22/nothing-endures-but-change/

Well, hooray, it has reopened.

It is different, more hip, more young, less agricultural but still fantastic. It is now called, “Happy More Okinawa Farmer’s Market.”

It is normal to gift orchid displays at the start of any new entreprise.
Here we are
Potatoes are sold in units of 100 grams
Spinach stuff, goya and un-nameable citrus fruit

The place gives the opportunity for local growers, hippies, to sell their stuff. There are so many strange sauces, teas, smoothies.

Wild Boar sausages, Wild Boar terrine, du lard!

Each thing you buy has a label that explains exactly where it comes from, when it was untimely ripped from the soil. Unfortunately. I can’t read these labels but my friends hold them in very high regard.

Such quality, so close to my place.

It is 10 years today since the Great Earthquake. God bless all who suffered.

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