Rouge et Noire

The title has nothing to do with what I am going to recount other than some bits were awful and other bits were wonderful.

The engine will not start. It is clear that the battery is flat. Why? God knows. I charged it with the wonderful Dr Charger just a few days ago. She started immediately.

No real worries.

I run an extension cable from the electrical power column on the pontoon to repeat the operation. Oh no, Dr Charger shows no signs of life. I plug into all the power outlets but no juice. I conclude that Dr Charger has given up the ghost. I am saddened, I liked Dr Charger.

I explain my problem, in mime, to a friend who lives on his boat and draws current from the same power column. He kindly dismantles it, er the column, and checks all the breakers and concludes that every thing is OK.

Thus the conclusion that Dr Charger has turned his toes up, is reinforced. What to do? Buy a new charger, I suppose.

At the hardware store
New charger, 8,000 yen

With great excitement I set up the new charger. No sign of life. Is this because Google translate has not explained the instruction manual correctly? I do not think so. I think there is no power coming from the power column.

Power column, hardly shipshape.

So I go to the marina office. They are charming and send a technician.He checks all kind of stuff but nothing solves the problem. He finally pushes in all the big plugs and suddenly every thing works!

The battery charges!

Meanwhile, a big, exotic, fish wanders by to feed on the coral on the pontoon.


I sit on the pontoon with my legs dangling down into the water and paint Teak Oil onto the wooden trim. Very restful.


I worry about the boat. The engine is clearly sick and I fear her stern gland is loose..

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4 Responses to Rouge et Noire

  1. Mike says:

    I hate to ask… but now that the power column problem is solved does Dr Charger now suddenly work ? Sorry to read about the stern gland. Not sure I know where that is. Do I have one ?

  2. Howard Wood says:

    Correct correct

    Sent from my iPad


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