Up North

Now recovered from tooth trauma I travel to visit the famous Nago Pension Office. Apparently I am to get more money due to some Covid help for oldies. I stupidly threw away the correspondence not realizing its importance and, in a very Japanese way, I have had two reminders to claim this money. Therefore I go to Nago to try to sort things out. I don’t but I make progress. It is a beautiful day and I go for a ramble in the forest on the slopes of Mount Nago.

In spring the tops of some trees go golden.

The forest is beautiful.


I wander along a path for an hour then I turn around and wander back.

The road I travel

I enjoyed it very much; fresh air, birdsong, forest smells, sunshine, not hot, exercise.

The city of Nago

I then visit the paddy fields of Kin. A farmer is churning up his field in preparation for planting rice of maybe Taro, which here is called Satoimo I think. Dozens of Egrets surround his tractor. It is a great sight,

I must get out more
Cattle Egret. Their heads go reddish in the Summer. If yo click on the photo you can see a slight change of colour already
Which bird is more elegant than the Great White Egret?

Good day initiated by bureaucracy. Out of the dull came forth sweetness.

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2 Responses to Up North

  1. Alan says:

    That looks a lot more fun than the dentist’s chair! Off to the dentist myself next week as a crown is coming loose. Any suggestion of implants yet? Blame the state of our teeth on a West of Scotland childhood – always a wee sweetie for the bairn was the cry.
    That forest looks interesting – memories of New Zealand flow back. You should take a couple of months off for a trip there once they let outsiders in again. Egrets are usually over the road here – I must go and see if they’re about at the moment.

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