Lots of Yuck

The apartment throngs with fruit flies. This not unusual in Okinawa where they flourish on any vegetable matter and in the drains. Removing the trash can, I notice strange activity behind the fridge. It is a squirming mass of fruit fly larvae – yuck!

What can you say? Yuck!

I spray and clean obsessively and employ a cleaning company. The lady is truly excellent and when I return from the subsequent yuck experience, the apartment is spotless, not a fruit fly to be seen.

While the lady is cleaning, I go down to the boat. I have a look in the engine compartment – yuck!

It is full of oil.

This not a complete surprise as I have noticed traces of oil in the the last few strokes of the mighty Gulper’ s pumping out the bilge exercise. I knew that something bad was going to happen. Recognized weaknesses of the legendary Yanmar 1GM10 are the oil lines that run under the engine. They corrode and split.

Who you gonna call? Kiyuna san!

He confirms my diagnosis.

A digression on the quality of life. Just up the road is a big Yanmar dealership with a warehouse of parts. This warehouse has made an significant contribution to my quality of life. When moving always check on the proximity of a Yanmar dealership.

It takes 30 minutes to get the replacement oil line.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Before we or more accurately, he, can fit the new oil line, we have to pump out all the oil and water in the bilge to gain access to the lines. We can’t just pump it out into the marina. Kiyuna san brings over his vacuum pump a great device that sucks all the liquids into, er, itself.

Get one of these for Xmas.
Kiyuna san in classic pose.

He installs the new line in world record time of 6 minutes 34 second.

The offending part.

So, all of this boat yuck was dealt with in no time at all with lots of good humor and levity.

I soon have to leave Covid low level Okinawa to Covid ridden San Francisco. Do not ask!

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