I was employed this month and actually paid real money. I determine to spend it on a Farewell, Thanksgiving, Xmas dinner. I like nothing better than sitting around a beautifully laid table, groaning under the weight of fine food and excellent wine, being jolly with good friends.

We set off to various fish markets to buy fabulous fresh seafood. During the quick lunch break I decide to eat the big fish eyeball in my fish soup.

Apparently I should not have eaten the eyeball! Too late.

The menu is :

Sashimi and Oysters

Steamed clams, big ones

Pan fried Scallops in cream sauce

Russian Potatoes (Thanks Arisa)

Salad with exotic dressing (Thanks Izumi, unfortunately I was at the stove when she explained exactly what the dressing was.)

Pan seared Foie Gras

Blanc de poulet a la creme.

Apple Crumble cake with cream, strawberries and Nagano apples (Thanks Mary and Tomomi)

We drank; White Bordeaux, Chablis, Vouvray, Champagne, Morgon and quality Sake (Thanks Ichiro san)

Unforgettable meal. Hilarious conversation.

Best oysters I have ever eaten.
Coquilles St Jaques
A breather from gout inducing stuff!
I forgot to take a picture of the foie gras, this is chicken
Her amazing Apple Crumble cake with cream strawberries and Nagano apple
Wonderful cold sake
I forgot to include the white bordeaux
Thanks all for making it an sensational evening! Notice beautiful flower at the front of the table,thanks Arisa.

Now I am off to Covid infested San Francisco. At least I will pass away happy!

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4 Responses to Jollity

  1. Mieke says:

    Oh Neil! Laughing out loud here. You ate the ball! Just the start of this Monday I needed. I am sorry, but this is so incredibly funny!
    Have a great time in San Francisco. I look back on mine (at SLAC) with huge joy! Remember we went, together with John Ellis among others, to dinner at this place where there was a huge smoker in this shady neighbourhood?

  2. Wendy says:

    love the eyeball !

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