Back in the U.S.A

Such a strange trip. There were only about 20 people on the huge Boeing from Tokyo to San Francisco. Boarding was very dignified as there was hardly anyone there.

Mad scramble to board

San Francisco airport is deserted. I walk straight from the plane to the immigration check and am outside in 10 minutes. There are no shuttles, no cabs. There is a lady who will call you a cab. I am the only client. 101 into the city is almost without traffic, so strange.

I wake up very early and go for a stroll.

I get my coffee. It is heartwarming when they remember my name and welcome me back.
Looking towards downtown
Oregon Junco
Warm in the sun, chilly in the shade
St Ignatius Church
Houses on Central.

So here I am. The city is crawling with Covid!

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3 Responses to Back in the U.S.A

  1. Alan says:

    So you made it to SF! Looks like you’ve arrived in reasonable weather – frigid by Okinawan standards but at least 10C warmer than it is here in MK! Great timing as the Governor brings in new Covid-related strictures but at least you’re not in the virus hell of LA. What’s the plan and will you be permitted back into Japan without quarantining? Have fun, stay safe and say hello to James for me!

    • Hi Alan,
      There is a threat that we will be kicked out of the apartment as the owner is selling the house. I think we are safe but I came over to speak to a lawyer to make sure and prepare for battle if necessary.
      San Francisco eerily empty. Everyone seems very disciplined, all wearing masks and distancing.
      I will head North in the truck to watch/photograph Snow Geese and elephant seals.
      Yes I have to spend 2 weeks in Tokyo before I can get back to Okinawa. Oh well.
      Are you OK?

  2. Alan says:

    I’m OK, thanks – as are all the others I know of! There’s been a few Covid victims I know of but none, so far, in the family!
    Keep being careful – those elephant seals have big noses so plenty of room for Covid-19 to hide in.

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