I head North to the open country, away from the heaving miasma of San Francisco Covid.

At this time of year, tens, probably thousands of er thousands of Snow Geese and Ross’ Geese come to feed and gently spend the winter on the wetlands north of Sacramento.

They are an amazing sight.

Spooked Geese.

They, along with White Fronted Geese, sit on the shallow water squabbling until spooked by an eagle or maybe airplane. Then thousands take off with a whoosh!

Soppy Snow Geese
Fine White Fronted Goose.
Pretty Pintail
Smart Shoveler.
Mi casa
Anna’s Hummingbird
Grey Heron
Geese can fly
Great White Egret enjoys a fish supper.
Little Egret prefers crayfish
Evening geese.

I spend 2 days. The weather is beautiful and the wildlife astonishing. California!

I drive over coastal mountains to Point Reyes. Fall colors.


Last year you could hardly move for the Elephant Seals and Elk on Point Reyes. This year I saw er none. Boo.

It was a great trip, so soon I am so far from Okinawa. The drive back into San Francisco never fails to please.

Fog coming in over the Golden Gate. Watch HD and full screen!

So lockdown has been tightened. Curfew from 10:00 to 05:00. This no hardship fo me as I like to be snuggled by that late hour. However no meeting with others than immediate household is a bad one. I have come over to see lots of friends and this appears compromised.

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1 Response to Anser

  1. calderi says:

    I remember going to Drake’s bay, near Pt Reyes, and eating very large mussels.

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