Life has been slow on Okinawa. However it appears that things are changing. The first thing I noticed was a group of city workers digging up the road just outside my apartment. I came back a few hours later to find tat they had installed what I take to be a new fire hydrant.

What a nice cover.

The new fire hydrant, together with outstanding weather, has motivated me to get on with boat jobs.

Things chez boat are bad. I mentioned that the engine was reluctant to start. The last time I tried she did not start at all and I ran the battery flat. This is disturbing as the mighty Yanmar used to start after a couple of turns. I also told you that Kiyuna san replaced an oil line before I left for San Francisco. There are 2 such lines and we hoped that only one was leaking. Not so, the bilges are again oily so the second one must be leaking. Oh well.

First thing to do is recharge the battery with help from Dr CHARGER

There are little balls that prevent the gaff throat from swinging away from the mast and also make it easier for the throat to slide up the mast when raising the mainsail. Anyway, I replaced the scruffy old ones with pretty colored ones.

Red for port.

I bought a tiller extension in Sausalito and carried it back with me. Too long to go in my case and ANA made up a cardboard box for it. It went in the hold and I picked it up in Haneda.

Japanese Customs, “What is in that box?”

Me, “A tiller extension.”

Japanese Customs, “What?”

This conversation was in mime. The subsequent explanation, also in mime, was one of my greatest achievements in a career in communications.

I flatten the top of the tiller with a rasp such that the attachment fitting will lie flat and snug.

I subsequently drench in teak oil to prevent rot.
It is a beautiful day. Look at the rudder of the boat next door to get an idea of the water clarity. There are brightly colored fish everywhere.
The tiller extension is called a Battlestick. This seems a bit much.
This will be so useful when I have to fiddle with halyards and stuff when sailing by myself
I also start to treat all the teak with er, teak oil. I have given up on varnish, the sun just blasts off 10 coats in a matter of months.

There are several days of sanding and oiling in front of me. This will be a joy if the weather stays good.

Let’s hope the recharged battery bullies the engine back into life. I doubt it. Who are you gonna call?

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2 Responses to Movement

  1. Alan says:

    What holds the Battlestick attachment in place on the tiller – glue or screws? Looks a bit light for the potential leverage but maybe I’m just being pessimistic!
    Shame about the engine. You do have Kiyuna san’s number I hope?

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