I Have Not Done Anything

The only thing I have done really is to move my eel byobu from one room to another.

They looked great where they were before but they blocked light from the window behind them, making my dining room/kitchen gloomy.

There is a big window behind them.

I moved them to the tatami room where they look fantastic too.

Rather a poor photo
Another at different time of day.

I spend nearly all my time in the tatami room so I get to soak up eel spirit more than before. Something about the tatami mats and the byobus make sense.

I went to the doctor for check up. I have lost 9 kilos since I left Okinawa in December last year. I have been on a ferocious no carbs diet and strangely I always lose weight when I go to the USA.

I drive North to have lunch with a dear friend. Very windy and cold for Okinawa but blue, blue.

Cape Maeda
Sky with sea
Nice place to have lunch
Lunch in Grateful Dead mask.

That is about it.

Oh yes, I filled out all the forms to reserve my berth in the marina for next year.

Oh yes, I went to a great dinner where we all danced for about 2 hours. First time I have danced, excepting Strip the Willow, for a decade.

Oh yes, I got a new microwave.

The previous one, er, stopped working.

Oh yes, went to dinner and drinks with former colleagues. We left at 8:00. All restaurants and izakayas have to close at 8:00.

Not much adventure.

From my bed exactly a year ago
By the way, Okinawa loves shortbread.
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