Okinawa in a state of emergency. This means stay at home as much as possible and this is what I do. I go to the boat on the bike but I do not really get stuck into anything. I fiddle around but have not started any of the big jobs, re-treating all the woodwork, cleaning out the engine compartment, scraping weed from her bottom and that sort of thing. I lack energy, drive.

I think this is a result of spending a month without talking to anyone. I have just sat around. I would by no means classify this as depression but there is certainly a cumulative lethargy. Melancholia.

Once my quarantine period is completed, I finally go for lunch with another human being! We go to a fantastic sushi place walking distance from the apartment.It is a mixture of super hi-tech and quality food. Fish is flown in from Tokyo and Hokkaido every morning. I have the best time, I talk to someone.

I speak to someone who answers back.

The weather has been perfect, bright, cool, sunny, blue skied.

Cherry blossom, sakura, as you know, has great importance here. Now is the time and now is the hour. There is blossom everywhere.

Near the apartment
Scruffy street, beautiful tree.
Same tree

So I hope to regain vigour with the arrival of spring. I see the first signs. I learn that it will rain massively tomorrow so rush down to put the cover on the boat.

Fear no evil. Notice another new hotel going up in the background

I notice a new sign at the marina.

Probably Covid related

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