I Bashed My Nose

Not much going on. Probably the most interesting event was the hatch of a cockpit locker falling on the bridge of my nose, as I fumbled around in said locker. It carved out a pretty good chunk of flesh. It bled like crazy. I take this as an indication that my heart is healthy.

Notice Elastoplast on nose. I think I will have a scar which I am told is sexy. Hardly appropriate at my age.

Did I tell you that I got a new phone? It is an iPhone 12 mini. I am in love.

The camera is astounding. I have a big camera and lots of lenses but I will have to up my game if I am going to compete with this telephone.

I shop for fish
Once we can have parties again I will buy these.
I don’t like eating parrot fish. They are too beautiful. These ones look very sad. Mind you, they are dead.

Photographing flowers, especially those with long stamens is notoriously difficult. Something is always out of focus. The iPhone does not care.

Show me your stamens

Suddenly the cherry trees burst into blossom. It is Spring. Hurrah!

Yay iPhone
You just press the screen.

So I suppose photography has entered a new era. The cameras of old are well, er, old.

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1 Response to I Bashed My Nose

  1. Tim Hunt says:

    I was shocked to discover that my iPhone took better photos than my fancy little pocket camera costing hundreds of dollars. The focus is almost always spot on, as is the exposure. All I lack is a really long telephoto lens for birds and the like. And it records the time and place of every shot. When I look back at old photos taken with a succession of Canon compact cameras, I’m shocked how bad most are, poorly exposed and out of focus except when taken in bright sunlight. Apple have done magic with software somehow, with the camera firms years behind.

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