Excuse my French.

After 3 months of repair, adjustment, poor weather, I finally get the boat out on the water.

It is a truly glorious day, bright sunshine, not too hot but shorts and Tshirt all the same. The engine starts on command, I get the sails up with no difficulty and off we go. There is only one snag; there is very little wind. To be honest, this is a good thing as I would much prefer to amble along on my first outing rather than battle it out on a heavily heeled boat in high wind.

So blue

I motor out and once clear of the harbor, I stop the engine and silently ease out towards China.

China bound

The Norfolk gypsy is a comfortable boat as you can put your back against one gunwale and stretch out your legs onto the lockers on the other side of the cockpit. You are nearly lying down as you watch your legs frazzle.

A sight for sore eyes

There is now a bit more wind and we tear along at 2.5 knots. A 30ft boat motors out of the marina and comes past. She finally raises sail when she is 200 metres ahead of me. I thought she would race away but in fact I gained on her! Such fun.

Here is a very bad clip. I updated the operating system on my Mac last week and this brings a new version of IMovie. I can’t work out how to use it! Apologies.

So good to be out on the boat again! Lots of adventures coming up.

P.S. I have since watched some “How to use IMovie” videos on YouTube. The clip is not so bad now.

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4 Responses to Finalement

  1. calderi says:

    Sails looking nice –

  2. Alan says:

    Looks a lovely trip was had – good to see the boat at sea again, By the way, does she have a name painted on her somewhere? Couldn’t see from the video and I hope that your camera/phone is waterproof -seemed very close to the surface at times! Weather looks good for you from Sunday so more trips?

    • Hi Alan,
      The camera is a GoPro, which is an amazing device. Amongst other attributes it is waterproof to about 10 meters. There is no name on the boat because I don’t like the name – Kanusha- which was given in panic. I am trying to have her renamed “Bonnie Jean” but much paperwork is needed. Tomorrow, Monday, looks good and I hope for adventure!

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