So Desu Ne

Japan has been very slow to start Covid vaccination. The over 65s, a group that I easily qualify for, get the jab first. Nobody seems to care. I finally grilled a friend and we looked at the Ginowan City Hall website. There she found the info that oldies should get a letter this week informing them how to make an appointment for the vaccination.

This morning I found this in my post box.


There are many pages of info and mysterious forms in the envelope. I do my best with Google translate but only get a general idea of what I have to do. I am going to need help as the procedure seems a bit complicated.

I think this is asking questions like, “When did you last see your Father?
Do not pass Go

Anyway all of this is very exciting.

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2 Responses to So Desu Ne

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    If you’re hoping that the linguist in me is going to help, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint. Looking on the bright side, Joëlle had her first vaccination (AZ) last week and I had mine too (Pfizer, doctor’s orders.).

    • Hi Mike,
      Yes, even for you it is a little advanced. I will go to the Town Hall, they are usually very helpful, in fact such visits usually end up with lots of hilarity.
      Glad to hear that Joelle and you have been jabbed.
      Strange days.

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