Masking Tape

It is now nearly 3 years since I started the big job of repainting the boat. At the time I was worried that the paint would not adhere and would soon flake off. However this has not been the case, it has done very well. Other than flaking I also assumed that the paint would fade due to the intense Okinawan sun. However this has not been the case. I raise my hat to International yacht paints.

There are notwithstanding quite a lot of small chips. These are mainly on the edges of the locker lids in the cockpit and around the anchor pit. I touch up.

Look at the edge of the right hand locker. It is quite badly damaged. Remember you can get huge zoom by clicking on these photos
Bashed up paint.

I worry that my paint, which has been sitting in a can for 3 years, will have dried up or otherwise decayed. However this has not been the case.

Good as new! Well, after a lot of stirring.
Nice new Chinese brush.

I tape up carefully and after some sanding start painting. Unusually, I make no blunders nor do I cover myself in paint.

Very pleasing.

I go to the Ginowan Town Hall to see if someone can help me with my Covid vaccination procedure. What a pleasure! Haruna san, who speaks excellent English, helps me fill in all the questionnaires and explains that I have to wait until 26 April to then phone to make an appointment for the jabbing. This will happen in the municipal gym that is only 5 minutes from my house. Thank you Haruna san.

So many nice people around! One, called Vena Robinson, sends me a cheque for $1400.

Thank you
Amaryllis growing wild outside my building.

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2 Responses to Masking Tape

  1. Rachel Lehmer Claus says:

    You be among the most fortunate of humans…and that is a good thing ?

    Rachel Lehmer Claus

    Senior University Counsel (Emerita)

    Office of General Counsel

    Stanford University


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