A Stitch in Time

Having a big hole through the hull through which the sea can pour is not a good idea. Regretfully this is something my boat has. How I don’t not know.

Big hole, not good. You can see that the collar is still on the bilge pump exit.

The collar has come off the exit of the cockpit bilge pump. The pipe pulls out leaving a gaping hole. So pleased I noticed it.

This used to stick through the hull and the collar screwed onto it.

I rush off to one of my favorite places. It is a very old fashioned store that has everything. They will definitely have an exterior collar for a 30 year old Norfolk Gypsy cockpit pump pipe.


It is a big place but it is not the Western model of wide avenues that you can push a trolley down but a different model where you can barely walk between the shelves.

The shelves go from the floor to the ceiling
There is no logic.

I mime my problem to one of the many guys from the store who are continually ferreting around the back alleys of the shop. I can see in his eyes the disgrace of the Japanese who knows he or she cannot help. However he brings the dai sensei to me. He has spent his whole life in this place and has ancient ancestral knowledge. We spend 30 minutes digging around but without success. The only thing they do not have is Norfolk Gypsy spare parts.

However he will not be beat. He has a very clear vision of the problem and brings together parts from all over the store. These will I hope provide a much better set up than the original. The parts are brass and chromium steel. I have no idea what they were designed to do but I hope they will work for my boat. Thank you dai sensei!

Solid stuff

Usually when I try to install parts, bought on the adrenaline that hardware stores provoke in me, they do not fit when I get back to the boat. This time everything works just perfectly.

Beautiful inside.
Beautiful outside

It is amazing what you can achieve with mime alone.

There was a big typhoon around the Philippines last week and we caught the outer edge. Rain and high winds over the last few days. Tomorrow looks like a good sailing day. I can test my new collar.

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  1. calderi says:

    Well spotted –

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