Off to the magic isles of Ishigaki and Iriomote to look for birdies. In fact Ishigaki is just a stop over, it has an airport, Iriomote does not. All the action takes place on Iriomote.

I have free morning on Ishigaki before I take the ferry to Iriomote. I planned to rent a scooter and buzz around the island in the bright sun. Not to be. I wake up to pouring rain.


Finally the rain stops and after lots of hanging around in the Ferry terminal watching immaculately dressed Japanese tourists, I zoom over to Iriomote.


Awaiting are my guides Daiki san and Kikura san. We set off immediately to hunt down birds.

They are incredibly good.

Daiki san has a a profound knowledge of the island’s ecology and Kikura san speaks perfect English so helps as interpreter. Try translating, “Streaked Fan tailed Warbler”. They are both so much fun. Go to Iriomote right now and hire Daiki as your guide.

We see so much!

Young Malayan Night Heron
Different angle.
Huge stick insect! 5 inches about.
Streaked Fan Tailed Warbler
Yay! Crested Serpent Eagle. Sorry, not a very good photo but my hands were trembling with excitement.
Emerald Dove
Ryukyu Green Pigeon

So much more but you get the idea.

Next day we go on a night tour – even more amazing!

Brown Hawk Owl
Lots of big Coconut Crabs
Scops Owl
Ruddy Kingfisher

So much more.

Contact him now.

Next day boat back to Ishigaki.


I eat amazing Ishigaki Beef, which is famous, at the airport.

Absolutely delicious

Thank you.

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