Hit the Beach

I mention to Kikura san and Daiki san that I would like to go snorkeling before the night tour the next day. They immediately draw up a detailed schedule with bus times, ferry times and hints. They send me to Ida Beach.


Amazing what you can do with an iPhone standing outside a combini late at night.

Next morning, I catch the bus and have a wonderful drive across the island. We have brief stop and I spy a buffalo carriage.


I arrive at a place, whose name I have forgotten, and take a ferry over to the beach.

It is a truly wonderful beach. So clean, the water is so clear. Very few people. I find a shaded place to lie down. I doze.

After a while I feel I should really go snorkeling. I take my fins from my bag and find they are broken.

Such a shame. They were good fins

I swim, I snorkel, it is wonderful.

I take the ferry back to the place whose name I cannot remember. The bus is waiting.

About 5 minutes into the trip I take off my sunhat and unwittingly dislodge my mask. The bus screeches to a stop. The driver who had been all smiles, gets up and tells me fiercely to come to him. He is very serious. I realize what is going on and put my mask back on apologizing ferociously. No messing with Covid regulations.

I get back to my guest house and prepare myself mentally for the night bird hunting. What a good day!

Poor film.

My aunty Ida. Full screen, high resolution.

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1 Response to Hit the Beach

  1. calderi says:

    Fascinating stuff, little blue fishes are really nice. We hear Japan has had massive rainstorms further up. Just grey here, bit gloomy. Heigh ho

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