Down at the Marina I bump into Kiyuna san. He is excited and invites to his boat for coffee. With much ceremony, he presents me with a prayer scarf that he has made for me. As I understand, he has chosen the fabric, cut it and sewn it.

It is powerful. When I wear it and pray then things will go well. Kiyuna becomes very philosophical. We spend a very pleasant couple of hours drinking coffee. He is in full swing and the conversation swirls, except that I do not say much and most of what Kiyuna san says is incomprehensible to me because it is in Japanese. It does not really matter. We enjoy each other’s company.

What does it all mean?

He explains the spiritual hierarchy of birds. He investigates the concept of a tool. He reflects on leadership and the failure of democracy from a very Eastern philosophical angle. And a whole lot more.

It is good afternoon.

My prayer scarf. Notice the cranes.

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