Sunday 19 September – what a beautiful day! The sky is a clear blue, the sea is, well you know, blue too. It is 30 degrees.

The only glitch is too little wind to sail meaningfully. I generally clean up the boat and chew the fat with Kiyuna san, who gives me another silk kimono belt, which I have learned are called Obi. Again this new Obi features Tsuru. It also has motifs of pine trees, bamboo flowers and cherry blossom. Pine trees and bamboo represent longevity, he explains, and sakura is, as you know, drenched in symbolism.

I wonder where he gets them from? Impolite to ask.
My table. Strong Tsuru theme.

It is very hot, non sequitur coming up, so I decide to drive North to the paddy fields of Kin to practice with my new lens. There are tons of birds for the first time in ages.

Great White Egret and Cattle Egret, already in winter plumage
Cattle Egrets loosing their reddish Summer plumage.

There are lots of waders, which I fail miserably to photograph. I have to learn how to use the new lens to its full potential.

Not bad of a Black winged Stilt

There are also loads of Whiskered Terns but they are feeding above the taro crop and very hard to photograph. I stick to Egrets whom sit more or less still.

Ferocious Cattle Egret.

It gets dark as I drive home. Looking to the West, there is the most remarkable sunset. Looking to the East, the Harvest Moon is rising in the darkening sky. So good.

Not the best but not bad for a handheld snap.

A little more wind please.

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2 Responses to Egrets

  1. MikeT says:

    Another Neil Young reference from you. Keep them coming.

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