Jingle All the Way

Happy holidays everyone!

Off we go to spend Xmas Day at Point Reyes. This has become a bit of a tradition. https://thequietripple.com/2019/12/28/wool/

It is very Scottish weather-wise. It is cold, wet, windy, grey to dark. James is an excellent companion as he revels in bad weather as does Diane, which is more surprising as she’s a Californian girl.

Xmas team.

We intend to have a slap up oysters and fish lunch in one of the many restaurants that line Tomales Bay. No good; all closed.

No worries; we head for Point Reyes. Diane has brought some dry bread and cheese and we envisage a less than sumptuous, convict themed, Xmas lunch.

Everything is closed except for the Inverness Store. The lady makes us fantastic sandwiches, Avocado and shrimp for James, Club for Diane and I get a Reuben. Forget your turkey and stuff these sandwiches were the best!

This is not the one I got at the Inverness Store but it is very similar. So delicious! Thank you U.S.A. for making such extraordinary sandwiches.

Point Reyes is deserted apart from us and nature things. Bull Elephant Seals have started to show up on the beaches.

Gimme Reuben Sandwich

You can walk right up to them if you so wish. They do not seem to be concerned by our proximity.

Diane, James and new Elephant Seal friend.
Small, er relatively, male wishing he were bigger.
Marbled Godwits
I feel like this most of the time.
Semipalmated Plovers in the gloom.
Elk hinds. Spot unknown raptor at the top of the tree.
Black Turnstone in the gloom.
What are you doing here?
Self isolation is such a drag
I take photos. Spot the lurking seal.

Filled with fresh air, we drive back to San Francisco. An elaborate Xmas dinner is planned but none of us can face cooking. A slice of cheese, a glass of red wine and early to bed! Probably my most abstemious Xmas ever.

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