Rocket Man

Happy New Year everybody!

I got my booster shot today. Very easy! You get the shot in a pharmacy. You book an appointment online and just wander in.

Burning and a looting tonight.

Very different from the huge gymnasium where I had my first jabs in Okinawa.

No riots

I checked in and waited for 5 minutes. A very small Russian lady, who is probably a lot older than me, leads me to a sort of storage room and jabs me.


Everyone is very sweet and helpful and it is all free. I wonder if the vaccination process may start U.S. crazies wondering if having a health service might be a good thing.

Out of focus proof!
Chanterelles, cauliflower mushroom, coral mushrooms, black trumpets, hedgehog mushrooms, yellow feet mushrooms.

James and Diane spent the New Year holidays in the truck and camper, snuffling around the coastal forest somewhere near Mendocino. They found kilos of mushrooms. What you see above is only a small sample. James is an expert mushroomer. Beef and mushroom pie tonight!

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3 Responses to Rocket Man

  1. Anne Mieke says:

    Best wishes for 2022 dear Neil!
    Looking forward to another year of ripples.

  2. Rosemary Mulady says:

    Excellent. Seven yr old Melvin has just had his second today in DK.
    We shall beat it.
    Very Good New Year to All

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