Go West, Old Man!

The frequency of posts depends on the speed of available wifi. Uploading lots of photos is only bearable if there is a reasonably good signal. I have been sleeping in the camper a lot and so no posts. This means I have more or less forgotten what has happened to me by the time I get around to writing something. Sorry for cursory nature of this post. I can’t remember.

Vote Beshear

I am essentially following the route of the early European settlers. Through the Appalachian mountains, the woody hills of Kentucky into the beautiful country around the Missouri/Arkansas state line. Those settlers must have been staggered, coming from their cramped little European countries where all land had been grabbed thousands of years before. I potter along the smallest roads passing through beautiful farmland, crisscrossed with nice big rivers.

Lots of daffodils!

So much land! Help yourself guys, special offer this week. Poor Native Americans.

Dawn somewhere in Missouri. From my bed
Never been here before.
Beaver is surprised to see me
Downy Woodpecker
Blue Jay
Mr Northern Cardinal
His wife
Says it all really
Huge Beaver in Kansas
Red bellied Woodpecker. Rare
Same bird. Still rare.

I love Kansas. It is so flat, the skies are huge.

Big skies in. Kansas.
Chisholm Trail went through here.
Kansas Lunch

I end up in Medicine Lodge where there is only one motel. It has frontier style wifi.

I visit the Stockade, a reconstruction of the fort that was here in the early days.

My bedroom.
Yvonne is a rancher and also runs the museum in the stockade. She is lots of fun and very knowledgeable. Her Great grandfather took part in the land grabs in the Indian Territories, now Oklahoma. Thousands of people raced across the prairie grabbing land and putting it in supermarket trollies.

Yvonne gives me a wonderful book on the history of Medicine Lodge. It is mainly snippets from the local newspaper in the 1880s. It exudes enthusiasm, chaos, mixed with vitality and dry humor. Not so long ago. It has marked the people who are here now.

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3 Responses to Go West, Old Man!

  1. Alan says:

    Great to know that you’re still on the road! And going at a fair clip along it – pity those settlers with their ox-drawn wagons trundling across the flatlands of Kansas. That photo brought back memories of the Kazakh steppes.
    Did you visit the Carrie Nation House when you went to the Stockade Museum? Splendid woman! No messing about with her and her axe.
    So what’s the rough route onwards? Oh, and just what is the main food item on that plate? I guess that the round white ball with a brown topping is mashed potato but what’s the thing next to it?
    May the roads be good to you.

  2. calderi says:

    I think it’s a pork chop. The brown stuff is probably a form of HP sauce.

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