Bear Meat

How can those title words be pronounced so differently yet contain the same ea vowel core? English spelling is hard to follow.

Instead, I follow Highway 160 across the plains and finally into the Rockies.

Dodge City.

The plains are wonderful! Big. Hours and hours of driving. Occasional small town/gas station.

They claimed Santa Fe trail wagon ruts here. Could not see any

Check Engine.
Still flat

Eastern Colorado is just as flat as Kansas. I rub my eyes. Is that snow?

Click twice on photo to expand
So many churches
Frozen Lake!

What a good drive- over the Great Plains and then climb up into the Rockies!

I arrive at a camp site in Trinidad. It is late, I am exhausted. To stay you have to pre-register, create your identity, choose a site, pay with credit card.

I am very low, as is noticed by the wonderful Geoff and Kate who are camping nearby. Geoff takes my phone and with great courtesy and skill does the necessary for me to stay. I will be eternally grateful.

What a fantastic family!

Still on 160, I find a ranch where meat is sold.

Bear like stair, meat like feet.

I buy Elk, Venison and Goat.

Makes a change. Don’t think I am ready for Bear.

What next?

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