I have come through California, Arizona, New Mexico, lots of Mexico,Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, a little bit of Oklahoma and Colorado.

I have seen hundreds of pro Trump posters and signs. The only Biden signs encourage you to have sex with him.

After so much country I am now in the back in the West!

My great problem is the furnace in the camper. It does not work. It annoys me as it is massively over engineered. It has a circuit board that could control a particle accelerator. Luckily I have a Mr Buddy heater, which always works. Light pilot light, turn on gas, boom it works.

Thank you

It is the way we are going, lots of electronic stuff that does not work.

I visit Mesa Verde.

Built AD 1100
Scarcely believable
Location, location.
Northern Flicker, I think, I have lost my bird book

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