Sugar Pie

I am now very much west-side but before I forget, here are some of the ways that the womenfolk of the South and the Mid West addressed me.

Sugar Pie, Sugar, Sweetie, Honey, Honey Child, Baby, Sweetheart, My Lovely, Darlin, and many more. I mean this is before we had been formally introduced. I loved it! Thank you women of the South and Mid West.

After Mesa Verde, where I was stuck for a couple of days because of snow, I bumble around the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.

There are hundreds Anastazi ruins. Maybe not as spectacular as Mesa Verde but remarkable because the huge numbers. Yep, that was some fine civilization.

I head off to The Needles NP. Is it necessary to go into the parks as the scenery everywhere is sensational?

It is everywhere.
Hooray Utah! I do not have to drink so much
Fake news

Needles National Park is sensational but suffers from the same dilemma as most parks in the USA. Better, cheaper, transport, more affluent people, Covid stimulated desire to get out of the house has provoked a massive increase in the number of visitors.

I get there at about 09:00 but the campsites are already full. Luckily I collide with Wendy, who is a Park Ranger. One of the park hosts has left for a couple of days and she gives me their site. Thank you Wendy!

She is the best

I have mentioned a few reasons for the increasingly popularity of National Parks but in addition, the parks are incredibly well run and the staff have the mixture of enthusiasm, helpfulness and evident enjoyment of their jobs, devoid of any sort of cynicism that other nations are unable to replicate.

Wendy makes sure that I am comfortably installed and takes so much time to suggest the best places and activities. There is no shortage.

The Needles
Choose your own name
My site. I stay 2 glorious days.
I cook on the campfire
Salad, peas and grilled elk!
Thousands of square miles to explore.
So much of this stuff.
So difficult to take a photo that captures the vastness of the country.
Driving into the Needles.
A lump of rock. Difficult to get the right feeling of size.

Anyway, Needles NP is an absolutely astonishing place and the people who work there are stars. Thank you.

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2 Responses to Sugar Pie

  1. Paula Fotopoulos says:

    Beautiful! I’m actually in Colorado; sorry to have missed you!

  2. calderi says:

    Are you going to Monument Valley? Great place to go

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